Practice: Circling – Walking and Writing

Below are ‘scores’ or written instructions which explore movement experience. You can try them before the webinar or not according to your preference. Or you can choose one which you are drawn to. Please read the guidance notes before you engage with a score.

Feel free to use writing or drawing, for example, to reflect on and communicate your experience of participating. These can be shared at the webinar or on Twitter @somaticsandpain

The scores were developed as part of the Circling project by Anna Macdonald and Ceri Morgan which explored the relationship of movement, time and progression within the experience of living with chronic pain. Supported by Keele University’s Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2018/19) and Keele Institute for Social Inclusion (2020).


Score 1.

Choose a point in the room to arrive at

Spend ten minutes not getting there

Score 2.

Take a walk

Take the same walk again

Noting the differences

Score 3.

Memory walks

Sit and think about a walk that has made an impact on you. Where was it? Who were you with? What did you see, hear, smell, touch, taste? What did it make you feel? Why was it important? Can you make connections with your own experiences and other things you know about the place, e.g. its history? Why was the walk important? Try to retrace it in words.

Score 4.

Imagined walks

Sit and think about a walk you would like to do. Who will you do it with? Or will you walk alone? Where? What is the weather like? What can you see, hear, smell, etc.? Try to write or draw the walk.

* Memory and imagined walks are a paired exercise which can be done one after the other.

Some guidelines

These scores are an opportunity to creatively explore your own movement and experiences.

Please take care of your own health and wellbeing if you choose to take part in this optional practice and consider your own needs.

You can decide if the scores are suitable for you now or wait until another time. We respect the need of each individual to choose what is right for them.

Please find a comfortable space for movement/writing/drawing, with room to move if needed. Remember to comply with local COVID19 guidelines.

Please have some writing or drawing materials to hand.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the practice!