Practice: When things are flowing

I am David Leung and I am a movement teacher. In the following video, I would like to share with you ideas that I have learned from Qi Gong, Contact improvisation, and many other related aspects of movement practices to help you ease yourself into your own movement journey and exploration.

I understand that many of us can be facing pains, different limitations in the body as we move in daily activities. The exercises shared will be concepts and ideas that will allow for personal variations. We have chosen to show simple movements that you can do while seated to begin your own movement journey.

From my Chinese roots, I often hear this saying about pain: tong zi bu tong, tong zi bu tong.  When things are flowing, there is no pain. When there is pain, that means things are not flowing.  The image of flow, as in the flow of water, or the flow of weight, like flowing sand, is often used as a reminder for us to connect to gravity.

I hope you enjoy these explorations.

Some guidelines

Most practices need to be adapted to the individual case(s) in group or one to one sessions. You could listen/watch first to see if the practices are suitable for you, and/or consult with healthcare professionals before trying them out. 

We hope that this practice is open enough so that you can adapt it to your own needs in a way that complements your own pain management tools and supports. Please take care of yourself as best fits your own body experience. If you have any concerns following the practice, please contact your healthcare professional or you can offer feedback to us as

This practice was developed with David Leung, Eugenia Kim and Chester Siu.

David Leung is an in independent embodiment and somatic educator, Eugenia Kim is an independent creator and researcher, Chester Siu is an independent artist working with photography and film.

All rights reserved.