Fluidity and flow

Lisa Dowler created this 15-minute audio practice for the webinar ‘Chronic Pain: The Fear and Joy of Moving’. It explores fluidity and flow in the body, working with a Body-Mind Centering approach.

We will add more videos and audio practices here in the coming months.

Disclaimer: This practice page offers a taster but it is not a comprehensive study of somatic practices for chronic pain. Most somatic practices need to be adapted to the individual case(s) in group or one to one sessions. You could listen/watch first to see if the practices are suitable for you, and/or consult with healthcare professionals before trying them out. Further guidelines are available with each practice.

All rights reserved. Please get in touch if you’d like to share this practice material with others. To reference please cite the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network, funded by the AHRC.