Event: 15 Minute Movement ‘Snack’

We are holding a mini movement session for SPCPN.

Join us for a rejuvenating 15-min movement ‘snack’ with board member Ian Tennant! 🧘‍♂️ Wake up tired body parts and soften tense ones with gentle movement & breathing.

Open to all via Zoom

11:30am BST on Thursday, July 13th 2023 and Thursday, August 31st 2023

*Note: We will not be screen-focused during the session. 

Full details available on https://twitter.com/SomaticsandPain

Contact https://restoringbalance.life/contact/

(Image credit Adobe Firefly)

A man's back and arms in profile with swirling multi-coloured patterns surrounding him

Reference: Idea of snacking on movement inspired by https://drchatterjee.com/blog/category/podcast/