Practice: Through My Eyes, With My Body

A creative collaboration documenting the experience of pain and the multitude ways it can be experienced through a Black Woman’s perspective.

This short film was initiated by Andrea Wright who integrates physiotherapy, pain management, and somatics. Further collaborators and co-authors on this project are artist Ulanah Morris and artist/filmmaker Noorafshan Mirza.

The film layers sound, written text, oral conversation, movement, and drawing in the process of reflection. It combines creative exploration, lived experience and intellectual contextualisation.

The film invites space to understand, consider, ask questions, be questioned. It is a practice of reflection, revisiting assumptions, engaging in challenge, action, breathing, rest… and it is a testament of ongoing work. 

Conversations from themes in the film also sparked the ‘Creating Space‘ guidelines for the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network.

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We acknowledge the support of UKRI/AHRC for funding the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network.

All rights reserved. To reference please cite Andrea Wright, Ulanah Morris, Noorafshan Mirza and the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network, funded by the AHRC.