Event: The Association for Somatic Movement Dance Therapies, United Kingdom & ​Éire

Easing pain, releasing & relaxing 
Saturday the 12th & Sunday the 13th of February 2022

Amanda Williamson shared research that will be available in her new book called: Somatic Movement Dance Therapy: The Healing Art of Self-Regulation & Co-regulation (Intellect). She offered a session on reducing sympathetic arousal and easing pain through parasympathetic release. Karin Rugman shared her approach to somatic touch, breath awareness and releasing stress and tension. Melanie Brierley shared approaches to managing pain in older people and those living with neurological conditions, with specific reference to Parkinson’s. Emma Meehan and Bernie Carter contributed a discussion on the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network and definitions of pain, along with an improvised movement session.