Impact Event 3: Pain Toolkit Café

When: Wednesday 24th Feb 2021 10-11am.

What: Dr. Emma Meehan and Prof. Bernie Carter shared a presentation and discussion on moving with pain, hosted by Pete Moore.

The Pain Toolkit Cafe is a regular gathering on all matters related to pain self-management, open to people with long-term pain and those working with them.

Photo by Jon Sparks

The presentation covered the role of internal body awareness and the impact of the environment on movement. Group discussion explored topics such as ‘movement as social’ and the role of gardens or eco-walks in getting active. The permission to move how you want was raised as important, through non-competitive movement activities. There was also a recognition of how movement can provoke fear or difficult prior experiences and emotions. Visualisation can aid movement but needs to be tailored to each person, allowing options to withdraw if the prompts are not working for the person. The idea of effort and effortless movement also came up; in relation to Alexander Technique and swimming. Thanks to all the people living with pain and healthcare professionals who turned up for the conversation.